Welcome to bargara.com – a site which has told the story of the Bargara and coastal region for over 20 years.
Now with a full facelift and launch, the site is now home to all and everything that is our Bargara.
With Christmas 2020 and the New Year of 2021, we could not think of a better time to launch this exciting development for bargara.com

Bargara.com has been created with the local people’s, community and businesses in mind.
Collectively, Bargara.com aims to be a trusted source of information about Bargara.
The site will be home to all and everything that is our Bargara!

The site is proudly owned and operated by Le-Anne & Glen Allan – self-proclaimed proud Bargara-ites!

We would like to wish you, your family and friends a very Happy Christmas and exciting Year of 2021 ahead.
See you next year.